The Brookwood Inn offers courtesy transportation to The Main Campus of Duke University, Duke University Medical Center, The Durham
VA and other points of interest within 3 miles of the hotel. To contact Brookwood Inn transportation please call the shuttle driver
directly at (919) 697-1287. During operating hours the shuttle will depart from the main lobby at the hour and half hour. Operating
hours are seasonal and are subject to change without prior notice. Current operating hours are 7 AM – 9:30 PM Monday through
Friday and 9AM-4:30 PM Saturday. Hours during holidays, special events, and periods of inclement weather may vary.

Many other transportation options are available during your visit to Durham. The information below is for services operated by
other organizations and are not affiliated with The Brookwood Inn of Durham.

RDU Supertaxi and Shuttle (919) 638-4580

This company provides service to the Airport and they typically have cars in the general area they often arrive quickly. Reservations are accepted and Students Discounts are available. Their rates are based on mileage but a trip to the airport from our location is typically $35. If you make reservations in advance and tell them you saw it on our website, they should only charge you $30 for 1 to 3 people but you will have to ask for the discount in advance.

Skylink Shuttle – Home & Airport Ride

Skylink is a relatively new service offering transportation from the Airport and throughout the region. They offer Shared Ride Service, “Private” van service, and Limousine service. When we checked their website the shared ride service was listed as $24, Express van for 3 guest at $35 and “exclusive” van service up to 10 people at $70. Their website
Allows guest to make reservations and provides current rate quotes and other information. They can also be contact by phone at (919) 233-3952.

RDU Airport Taxi Service: (919) 840-7277
RDU Airport Taxi Service is operated by Dulles Airport Taxi, Inc. through an
agreement with the

Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority. RDU Airport Taxi provides service to and from RDU. To schedule a taxi, please call (919)
840-7277. Reservations and on-demand service are available.

Local taxi Operators

The list below was provided by the The Durham Convention and Visitors

ABC Switchboard 682-0437

Durham’s Best Cab Company (Yellow taxi) 680-3330

Independently Owned:

Choice: 680-3116

DART: 688-2161

Express: 233-6798

Manhattan Cab Co: 682-3537

MVP Taxi: 682-6111

Walker’s: 612-6394

Tour/Guide Services:

Johnny’s Cab Co: 682-TAXI

Listen to 650 AM along Interstate 85 and 1220 AM along Interstate 40 for directions to the Visitor Center and information on what
to do while in Durham.

Durham CVB (919) 687-0288


Duke University Visitors and Students

Several options are available for travel around the campus area.

-Duke operates a free bus system, called Duke Transit, within campuses and for some remote parking lots.

-SAFERides supplements Duke’s regular bus service and provides an alternative to walking alone or in isolated areas of campus.
684-SAFE or SafeRides provides Duke employees and students with no cost on-demand van service to campus areas, and certain off campus
areas, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., daily, except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day.

-Charlenes offers service to the airport and surrounding areas.
Transportation from the airport to campus or any Durham hotel is generally $30.

The information is basic information about the SAFERides service. This service is a campus based service and they may require a valid
Duke identification.

• If you are on campus, check to see if Transit Service is available at the time you need to travel.

• SAFERides reserves the right to refuse service to anyone not in possession of current and valid Duke identification.

• If Duke Transit service is in operation within one block of the requested pick up location, individuals may be directed to
use the bus service.

• Duke Transit Vans can wait only two minutes for a rider. If the rider misses the van they must call again and will be placed on the log
as a new request.

• SAFERides reserves the right to refuse transportation to students or groups of students who exhibit disruptive or intoxicated
behavior. Duke Police will be contacted if passengers become disruptive or appear not in control of their faculties.

• Requests for service with two or more passengers will be handled on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the time, weather,
origin and destination. Unless there is a specific safety concern, requests for service involving two or more passengers are given
a lower priority than call from an individual.

• SAFERides strives to provide a ten-minute response time. However, events on campus, increased by campus traffic, prior requests
for service, weather, and other circumstances beyond our control may increase response time. Dispatchers will provide their best
estimate for pick up times. Callbacks to inform riders of when the van is en route to pick them up can be provided upon request.

• For the safety of the passengers and drivers, SAFERides service may be reduced or suspended during severe weather.

• SAFERides does not provide emergency or medical transportation.

• Group requests to off-campus destinations may be directed to use Charlene’s Taxi on Points Services (309-7233).


The City of Durham assumed the operation of the local bus system in 1991, naming it Durham Area Transit Authority (DATA). DATA contracts
for the provision of its fixed route service and paratransit service every five years. The fixed route system includes 165 employees
and 50 buses providing over 13,000 passenger trips daily on 19 different bus routes. The paratransit system includes 43 vans and 57 employees
transporting clients to various places within the City of Durham.

Route 6 & 6B Serves the following locations:  Duke University / VA Hospital, American Village, Sparger Road. Please visit their website for current schedules.


Triangle Transit Authority

TTA provides transportation in the triangle area.

The Triangle region is also served by other local and university
transit systems:

Chapel Hill Transit 968-2769

DATA – Durham 957-7336

CAT – Raleigh 828-SCAT

Cary C-Tran  481-2020

Orange County Public Transportation 245-2008

North Carolina State University 515-9653

Duke University 684-2218

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